Stabilization. Reinvention. Sustainability.

Clarite LLC is a full-service Operational Consulting boutique that is uniquely equipped to help management teams best put allocated human and financial capital to use in delivering on important operational matters, planning for the future, and proactively protecting for future risk and competitive pressures.

A sample of our services is included below.


We draw on our extensive experience to plan, design and execute on fundamentally changing a business, including: program and change management, process reengineering, people planning, technology enablement and risk analysis. We must not lose sight that what was done in the past may already be obsolete. The world is moving fast and to be proactive is the only successful strategy available in our new circumstances.


  • Program Leadership and Change Management
  • Process Reengineering, Reinvention and Optimization
  • Outsourcing Support, Vendor Selection and Management
  • Technology Advisory
  • People Planning Strategies