Be Part of Execution

We are actively seeking talented subject matter experts and change professionals - to execute flawlessly - to join our network of innovative, thoughtful, and relationship-committed team members to help deliver best-in-class services to our clients.

We look to engage great people who want to work closely with clients on meaningful, impactful assignments.

So if this sounds like your ethos and you are up for challenging work, call us.



Clarite LLC offers a unique opportunity to join our highly-capable operational boutique to work on clients' hardest business problems.

We are not a “school bus” consultancy that we pull into client offices, unload the junior team, and learn on their dollar. Clients expect and deserve more, and our promise to them is that our seasoned "A-Team" on the field can quickly jump in, take on project leadership and counseling roles, and to quote our clients, "just get going."

Our ideal candidate must be execution focused, and relish the opportunity to continue building our brand along with us.  In short, we are looking for candidates with the right mix of operator acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to our clients. Simple as that.

Since our founding in April 2002, we have been engaged across sectors by a range of prominent industry leading clients to design a plan, create a line of sight, and implement their most important transformational programs for management, private equity and board rooms. Since Day 1, and continuing today, we aspire to build and continuously sharpen our own saw on being a truly collaborative firm. We look forward to sharing our expertise, perspectives and scars (as execution can often be messy and things do not go as originally planned) with our clients and across our team, and being open to the fresh insights and ways of thinking that our colleagues will bring to the table.

For more information about the firm and our past and current engagements, please explore our website.



To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to with the subject “Clients Always Come First ,” or click the Apply Now button below.